What we do

Access China is an international sourcing partner for hardware start-ups and established businesses who wish to take advantage of China-based manufacturing.


We connect our clients to our qualified factories and manage the process from their first product to the millionth and beyond.


With over 10 years of experience in China and out-sourced manufacturing, we manage cultural and language issues, quality control, engineering and local support – All of this while reducing your sourcing and logistics costs so you can concentrate on product design and building your business.


How we do it


We use our trusted network of product designers, developers and production centres to find the right people and resources for your project. If you have an existing product we will find a more cost-effective production method for it. 




How we can help your business 


New products often fail because of delays in production or inferior quality goods. Companies can experience technological problems that can also lead to missed deadlines.



Access China understands all the potential risks that your company face and make sure they don’t happen. From the drawing table to sampling and production, our own professional specialists will see to it that your products and the production process are checked and rechecked, ensuring your that you see your ideas come to life.