Our Solutions



Access China offer a range of services that cover the whole process from idea to bringing a product to market.


Here's a breakdown of our solutions...


Factory selection services


Finding the right manufacturing partner for your product

·         Factory selection & vetting

·         Quote comparisons, Apples to Apples comparison & analysis

·         Preparation of Request for Quote (RFQ) package

·         Far East location support

Product Design
Our team has a deep understanding of competitive market factors and consumer preferences around the world, as well as an inside knowledge of the merchandising tactics of the world’s largest retailers. 

Product Engineering
We can deliver the expertise and equipment required to engineer products that meet the most demanding specifications.

These resources include expertise in areas that include:

·         Mechanical Engineering

·         Electrical Engineering

·         Materials

·         Process Systems

·         Metal Forming

·         Plastic Moulding

·         Circuit Design

We store the moulds that we produce for our clients to prevent parallel production by signing Non-Disclosure Agreements with the suppliers and ensuring that they adhere to this document in principle.

Certifications- International Standards

In order to comply with your market’s safety & environmental standards or requirements we can arrange product certification with independent, fully recognized third party testing companies.

Access China packaging specialists are experts in the regulatory, cultural, and promotional issues that influence packaging design in markets around the world.


We have years of experience in balancing these factors to create packaging that stands out on store shelves, while also addressing a diverse array of legal requirements. All designed to meet the current requirements of the world’s largest retailers.

In a competitive market, a compelling brand is essential to a product’s success. Access China branding resources can help you define your product’s essential promise to its users (its brand), and then create a comprehensive platform for conveying this brand message. 


Quality Assurance
Access China has a team of experienced quality control engineers and together with quality assurance procedures go beyond finished goods evaluations to also include raw materials inspections in-line review of the production process, and systems reviews. 

We do Logistics

Our clients rely on Access China’s established network of freight forwarders to manage every aspect of their products’ journey from the factory floor to their final destination.


Whether you have your own appointed shipping company or freight forwarder or would like us to organize shipment, require delivery FOB to a port in China or CIF to a port near you, we are happy to supply whichever way you choose.